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Pension Benefit Consultants, Inc. will help you navigate the road to retirement 

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Our objective is to design and administer the retirement plan that best meets the financial and human resources needs of you, the plan sponsor, as well as your employees.


After your plan is established, we continue to monitor it to ensure it remains in compliance with Internal Revenue Service and Department of Labor regulations. As part of the monitoring process, we will make recommendations regarding plan changes that may become appropriate as your circumstances change.


Please take a moment to review the summary of the services we provide, found on this page to the right and below and then call us to get started.

Plan Design & Consulting Services:


•  Consult with private and public sector clients and their advisors to identify

   retirement planning needs

•  Analyze employee census and financial data

•  Create optimal plan design based on plan sponsor's retirement objectives



Administration & Compliance Services:

Defined Contribution Plans

• Reconcile employee census and trust fund information

• Monitor contributions and calculate applicable limits

• Allocate contributions

• Determine participant account balances

• Perform required non-discrimination testing

• Prepare Form 5500 filings

• Prepare Annual Administrative Report

• Prepare Participant Benefit Statements

• Prepare Summary Annual Report



Actuarial & Administrative Services:

Defined Benefit Plans

• Reconcile employee census and trust fund information

• Calculate minimum required and maximum deductible plan contributions

• Prepare annual reporting forms:

- Form 5500 series

- Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

- Premium Filings, if applicable

• Prepare Actuarial Valuation Report

• Prepare Participant Benefit Statements

• Prepare Summary Annual Report/Annual Funding Notice

Plan Qualification

• Our prototype and volume submitter plans have been pre-approved by the Internal Revenue Service.

  We provide periodic restatements and compliance amendments required to maintain the plan's

   qualified status.


• For individually designed plans, we draft the required plan qualification submission and correspond

  directly with the Internal Revenue Service throughout the qualification process.

Special Services

• Prepare benefit distribution packages and draft Form 1099-R, Form 945 and state income tax

  withholding filings for plan sponsors


• Calculate Accounting Standard Codification Reports for defined benefit plans


• Test Plan for compliance with continually changing legislation and regulations and provide plan

  sponsors with recommendations for changes where appropriate

Plan Termination

• Calculate plan benefits and draft distribution



• Prepare Internal Revenue Service and, if

  applicable, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

  forms for termination submission


• Correspond directly with Internal Revenue Service

  throughout the termination process

Section 125 Cafeteria Plan discrimination testing

Section 125 Plans